Accessed by the menu, there is an area called "Guild". In this area, you can create, search, join, or view your own guild. The option to create your own guild is available from level 1, although you may not use names that have already been used. While in a guild, it is possible, through accessing "My Party", to use fallow a fellow guild member's monster in Boss Battles. The guild members you borrow a monster from must be different elemental trainers than you. Using parties can very much increase your strength and defense in Boss Battles. Your guild also has the option to raise a Guilmon (Guild Monster). Guilmon level up as you feed them more catalysts, and supply your guild with a buff such as .5% more experience. Not much information is currently known about Guilmon. You can have up to 20 members in your guild. During Dark Events, you and your guild can work together to earn the number 1 guild spot and earn rewards based on you placing.

IGN: Shadax