The guild system in Monster Paradise is important for those who want to help increase the EXP they gain from a quest.

Starting off, each guild has:

1 member (that being the leader), a guild name, 1 guild monster egg, 0 Guild EXP, and no ranking.

Each guild starts off with a guild monster named "Guilmon". To increase the level of this monster, you must fuse monsters and increase the levels. Once you level up the guild egg to level 10, you will receive your monster Guilmon. This monster give an increase of +0.5 exp buff for < lv50 members in the guild.

To get a new guild monster, you must level up the guild to level 5 and you will get a Doppelganger.

Doppleganger increases the gold gained in quests by each guild member Level 50 and below by +0.5%.

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