(hope i did this right) these are based of the Fire type Dragons if you have the image of the dragon weather it be (N), (N+) or anything higher, screenshot (with the page number, and under the first drop down set as "ALL" and the second drop down as "Dragon") them and email me at ( i will get the blank images fixed as soon as i can.

i am also aware that some images look the same, they are not. there are different images for (N)/(N+) and (R)/(R+) and so please, please do not send doubles it will make it that much easier.

email me at with pictures under -**element**-all-**monster type**- edits for blank monsters, ill try to fix it ASAP thank you :) i also run the guild Glory, free free to join. 22:36, June 30, 2012 (UTC)